Medical AR Management Services: Medical Billing for Hospital-Based Physician Groups

What Makes MedAR Different?

Selective Client Partnerships

In particular, it is our commitment to service that provides unmatched value to our clients. We have historically learned that there is a special niche of providers who both understand and appreciate our extra attention and assistance in professionally managing their practice in this dynamic healthcare environment. As a result, clients who appreciate and value this dedicated strategy choose our particular and superior service. The MedAR approach is NOT to be the lowest rate billing service in the market - but to deliver superior collections to our clients by investing the necessary resources to achieve higher collections.

Most of our efforts will be directed towards micro-managing the accounts receivable process for each client to legally maximize their collections. As we selectively add clients, we want to make certain that we are strengthening our client portfolio rather than diluting our excellent service and performance that our clients expect.

We do NOT want to be the biggest; rather, we want our clients to proudly view us as the best! Our desire is to work with our clients as professional business partners, assisting them in evaluating opportunities and developing strategies to help them continually improve the financial strength of their practices.