Medical AR Management Services: Medical Billing for Hospital-Based Physician Groups

What Makes MedAR Different?

MedAR Increases Your Bottom Line

Contrary to what some bigger billing companies would tell you, a billing service is NOT a commodity. Many billing companies in the market offer lower rates by cutting headcount and the quality of their workforce to still make their profits. We take the opposite approach - by hiring the best workforce and providing the best service, we can INCREASE your bottom line without lowering our rate.

Let us look at an example of how this concept applies...

Scenario #1, XYZ Billing Company: the first bar in the graph below illustrates Net Client Revenue (the amount in your bank account) of $92 as a result of collecting $100 minus XYZ's 8% fee.

$100 collected - $8 XYZ fee = $92 Net Client Revenue

Scenario #2, MedAR: the second bar represents MedAR charging an additional 2% fee but collecting an additional 10% due to extra collection efforts; the client receives net collections of $99 on gross collections of $110.

$110 collected - $11 MedAR fee = $99 Net Client Revenue

As this example illustrates, the client paid a small additional fee but benefited from a 7+% increase ($92 vs $99) in Net Client Revenue - that means an extra 7+% in YOUR bank account when all is said and done.

We have a reputation for doing exactly this with new clients in the past -- let us increase your bottom line too! Please visit our bio page for more information on our experienced executives, management, and workforce.